Meryl Laub Retires After 26 Years of Dedicated Service to Windward

Years ago, Meryl Laub had an a-ha moment that changed the entire trajectory of her professional life. As a product manager for 13 years, Ms. Laub enjoyed the dynamic nature of her work, which emphasized both the creative and analytical sides of business. “At the time, I was working with a large company on a line of fragrances,” she shared. “I reached the point where I just couldn’t feel the urgency of getting the consumer to buy another bottle of fragrance. I said to myself, ‘All right. It’s time to make a change.’” 

Ms. Laub knew from an early age that she would enjoy teaching, so it was a natural path to pursue. She went back to school for education with a concentration in secondary math, and she never looked back. 

Ms. Laub had already received an offer from another school when she interviewed at Windward, but she was so impressed by Windward’s program and the professionalism of the faculty and staff that it felt like an ideal fit. Her instincts were spot on, as she immediately felt a sense of camaraderie with her Windward colleagues and excitement about helping students reach their potential.  

Ms. Laub joined the School when there was still a separate high school, which was a rented space in a church with a 1960s design. “The building was quirky, and those of us who were there during those days still joke about how we had to dress for the elements indoors. There were a lot of beautiful, large glass windows, but very little insulation,” Ms. Laub laughed. “But it was a wonderful environment. There was a collegial atmosphere among the teachers, and the program served our students so well.” 

Ms. Laub’s passion for the Windward Way of teaching eventually prompted Dr. Russell, Head of School at the time, to invite her to fill a newly created role of Team Leader for the eighth grade. Ms. Laub served in this position for four years, and she enjoyed coordinating activities and assisting with all the graduation rituals and events at the end of each year. For a number of years, Ms. Laub also led an after-school class to help students prepare to take math regents exams. Her commitment to Windward extended through summers, as she collaborated with fellow faculty members on writing the curriculum maps for upcoming school years. 

The most gratifying part of Ms. Laub’s work at Windward, she shared, was partnering with her students in their educational journeys. “I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching my students. Watching them light up when the concept clicks —it’s a great feeling to actually see them learning.” 

“Watching [students] light up when the concept clicks—it’s a great feeling to actually see them learning.” 

Her enthusiasm for teaching was infectious, as long-time colleague ToniAnn Hutchison shared: “Meryl’s thoughtfulness and compassion consistently shine through. Her sincere dedication to her work along with her strong knowledge of the content is evident every single day as she is always willing to learn and try new techniques, lend a helping hand, and just go the extra mile.” 

As she looks toward her retirement, Ms. Laub plans to enjoy pursuits such as playing tennis and taking coursework in design, and, most importantly, spending more time with her family, namely her husband and three children who live nearby. “Of course,” she added, “I can’t just leave math and helping students, so I also plan to tutor occasionally.”