Head of School Mr. Williamson Featured on NAIS Member Voices Podcast

Stephanie Huie

Listen to Mr. Williamson's guest appearance on the latest episode of the NAIS Member Voices podcast. 

This month, Head of School Mr. Williamson was the featured guest on the NAIS podcast, Member Voices. In this episode, Mr. Williamson discussed:

  • cultivating diverse communities, particularly with implementing hiring practices to build an inclusive culture
  • leading The Windward School through the pandemic and reopening the school in a new educational landscape
  • advocating for students with learning disabilities and equity in education
  • leaning on a support network of professional colleagues and peer mentors

We have a role to play in the community, the world, and the region to encourage everyone to embrace neurodiversity in kids. Our students have strength, and they have worth. There is a lot we can do to position our kids to help them do great things in the world, once we provide a solid educational program for those students.

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