Four Faculty Members Share Remote Teaching Best Practices on EdCircuit

Stephanie Huie

Four faculty members were featured on edCircuit as they shared their perspectives on best practices for remote teaching. 

Westchester Middle School Teacher Dina DiGiacomo, Manhattan Lower School Teacher Deirdre McKechnie, Westchester Middle School Teacher Karen Ralph, and Westchester Lower School Teacher Jessica Sorna are all veteran Windward teachers who teach across various subjects and grade levels. But like every other educator, they had to pivot during the spring semester to transition to teaching their students remotely. In an article for edCircuit, Ms. DiGiacomo, Ms. McKechnie, Ms. Ralph, and Ms. Sorna reflected on their most memorable, influential, and successful efforts from their experiences with remote learning. Together, they answered the following questions:

  1. Reflecting back on the transition to distance learning this past spring, what was most influential or memorable from your experience?
  2. What online teaching and learning strategies did your students respond to the best?
  3. The Windward School serves students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia and/or other language-based learning differences. What strategies can be replicated by other educators to best support and engage these students during distance learning?

Read the thoughtful responses on edCircuit here