Windward's The Beacon Newsletter

The Beacon is a biannual newsletter containing research articles either written by Windward faculty and staff members or articles of interest to our community. It is for all audiences including parents/guardians, educators, and anyone interested in children and education, especially around language-based learning disabilities.

The Beacon FALL 2019

In this issue:

  • The Neurobiology of Dyslexia
  • Head Lines: Critical Conversations - A Framework for Advocating for Early Intervention
  • 2019 Schwartz Lecture Recap - Dr. Aslin on Infant Brain Development
  • Inside the Institute: Advances in Educational Neuroscience
  • Q&A with Inspiring Leaders in the World of Dyslexia: Nicole Landi, PhD, Defines EEG Testing
  • Intersecting Research with Classroom Practice: EEG Labs Installation and Training
  • Windward Alumni Profile: Robert C. Carroll '04


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