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This prestigious award is given annually to honor an exemplary member of The Windward School faculty.


Nominations are now being accepted for the 2017-2018 school year. The deadline to nominate a current Windward faculty member is Friday, April 27, 2018.


Please read eligibility rules below and nominate a faculty member here.


Congratulations to Laura Dreyer, a faculty member on the Manhattan campus and the 2016-2017 recipient of the Isabel Greenbaum Stone Master Teacher Award.

(L to R) Dr. John J. Russell, Head of School; Laura Dreyer, 2016-2017 Stone Master Teacher Award Recipient; Leslie Zuckerwise, Division Head, Manhattan Lower and Middle Schools

Read Ms. Dreyer's award acceptance speech here


More information on the Isabel Greenbaum Stone Master Teacher Award

Eligibility:  Classroom instructors who have taught at The Windward School for at least four years qualify for the Award. (Administrators are not eligible.)

Selection:  All members of the Windward community are invited to nominate a teacher by completing a nomination form. The final decision will be made by a committee consisting of the Head of School and the supervisors who evaluate classroom teaching at Windward.

Presentation:  At the end of the school year, the recipient will be named and awarded a plaque at a special ceremony.

Responsibilities:  During the year in which Windward faculty members hold the Award, they must be available to serve as mentors to developing teachers, welcome visitors observing master classes, and have their instructional techniques documented for the Windward professional development library.

Honoraria: Award recipients will receive a significant grant for study and/or travel relating to their teaching. They will also receive an honorarium for their services as a mentor teacher and for assisting in the professional development of Windward faculty.


Recipients of the
Isabel Greenbaum Stone Master Teacher Award

2016-17 Laura Dreyer 2007-08  John Manganiello  
2015-16 Timothy Caccopola 2006-07 Alice Cohen
2014-15 Lisa Rainey 2005-06 Betsy Weiner
2013-14 Karen Ralph 2004-05 Jill Fedele
2012-13 Marsha Finkelstein 2003-04 Marjorie Gleit
2011-12 Valerie Greto 2002-03 Adele Barracca
2010-11 Janine Bartnett 2001-02 Beth Foltman
2009-10 Leslie Zuckerwise 2000-01  Daphne Daddino  
2008-09 Andrea Kaminsky    


 To learn more about Isabel Greenbaum Stone, visit here.




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