The Windward School was founded in 1926 as a progressive day school by Isabel Greenbaum Stone. Learn more about the history of the School below.


The Windward School is opened as a progressive day school by Isabel Greenbaum Stone. Mrs. Stone, together with a group of parents, formally incorporates the school, starting with 21 students.


The Windward School grows to an enrollment of 99 students and moves from Quaker Ridge Road in New Rochelle, N.Y. to Windward Avenue in White Plains, N.Y.


The Windward School is certified with the New York State Board of Regents as a school for learning disabled children.


Dr. Judith C. Hochman becomes Head of School.


Windward renovates its main building at Windward Avenue, doubling its size by adding 14 additional classrooms, a full-size gymnasium, science and computer labs, a teachers' lounge and staff offices.

Windward Teacher Training Institute (WTTI) is established. WTTI provides professional development based on scientifically validated research in child development, learning theory and pedagogy.


Dr. James Van Amburg becomes Head of School.


The state-of-the-art West Red Oak Lane Campus opens for grades 6-12 and houses the first dedicated space for Windward Teacher Training Institute.


In order to create more seats for younger students, The Windward School graduates its last high school senior class in June—dropping grades 10-12—and reconfigures the location of its student body. Grades 1-4 are now at the original Windward Avenue Campus and grades 5-9 are located at the West Red Oak Lane Campus.


Dr. John J. Russell becomes Head of School.


WTTI receives accreditation from IMSLEC (The International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council).


The Judith C. Hochman Building, named for the former Head of School and founder of the Windward Teacher Training Institute, opens in September. The building houses an expansive space for the WTTI, including classrooms for courses and workshops; an auditorium for lectures and student performances; an art gallery for the display of student work; and an office suite housing the Business Office and the Office of Institutional Advancement.


The Manhattan Campus opened it's permanent NYC location at 212 East 93rd Street with grades 2-7 and grew to include grades 2-8 in September 2017. The campus is designed to increase the student body of The Windward School by 350 students in grades 1-8.


Jamie Williamson becomes Head of School.