Windward Teacher Training Program

"Until we recognize that teachers do not naturally acquire the kind of expertise in language structure that is required of them for remediating and preventing reading problems, we will neglect to provide the necessary training."

Dr. Louisa Moats, one of the nation's top researchers in learning disabilities, states in her article "The Missing Foundation in Teacher Education," Annals of Dyslexia, Volume 44, 1994, with permission of International Dyslexia Association, Inc.

The Windward Teacher Training Program (WTTP) is a division of The Windward School that recruits, hires, professionally develops, mentors, monitors, and retains teachers at The Windward School. Through the WTTP, The Windward School provides its teachers with a detailed and explicit background of knowledge in the structure of language. The School has designed a teacher-training program that is comprehensive, demanding, and extremely effective in closing the knowledge gap between research and teaching practices. Professional training at Windward is an ongoing program that begins before a teacher steps into a classroom and continues as long as a teacher remains on the faculty.

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