Speech/Language Pathologist, Grades 1-9

The Windward School, a co-educational independent day school dedicated to providing an excellent instructional program for children with language-based learning disabilities, seeks a speech/language pathologist.  

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reports to the Director of Language Arts and Instruction
  • Consults and works collaboratively with Division Heads
  • Consults and works collaboratively with Coordinators
  • Trains teachers to adapt classroom methods and materials to meet the language needs of students 
  • Observes and evaluates the language demands of curriculum and classroom activities
  • Provides, disseminates information to promote the development of student language skills
  • Develops and reviews instructional techniques
  • Assesses and monitors the students’ performances within classroom contexts
  • Promotes the development of student oral language skills and conversational strategies
  • Interprets and analyzes test results and student evaluations
  • Identifies specific language skills and strategies required of students in Grades 1-9
  • Participates in curriculum planning meetings and language arts meetings
  • Observes and describes the use of teacher language to convey curriculum content
  • Develops lessons to facilitate students’ language in language arts, social studies and science
  • Provides staff development for faculty
  • Presents seminars and serves as a resource to parents 


• ASHA Certification
• School experience preferred

Send cover letter and resume to Sandra Schwarz at: windwardresumes@thewindwardschool.org 
The Windward School 
40 West Red Oak Lane 
White Plains, NY 10604