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On this page, The Windward School endeavors to compile the most up-to-date facts and resources related to the remediation of language-based learning disabilities. We offer Windward parents, as well as teachers in the larger educational community, access to the research that informs the proven Windward methodology. We also hope to collect here a dynamic list of articles, books, research studies, blogs, advocates, organizations, etc. that are significant in the field.

Unless otherwise noted, the presence of an item on these lists should not imply that The Windward School endorses the argument or the findings contained therein. The Windward program and its methodology are driven by scientifically-proven research studies and rigorous meta-analyses. At the same time, we draw attention to researchers and studies when they are “cutting-edge” or controversial and worthy of paying attention.

If you feel that an important resource is missing from this page, please convey your suggestion to We would be glad to consider its inclusion.

What is dyslexia or a language-based learning disability?

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