The Windward School Board of Trustees Announces a Plan to Restructure the Windward Teacher Training Institute

Over the last decade, the Windward Teacher Training Institute (WTTI) has experienced unprecedented growth in its professional development offerings, the scope of its work, and the number of constituents it serves. Given the significant impact of these increased responsibilities, the Board of Trustees undertook a careful evaluation of the WTTI’s external and internal functions, and on Monday, April 9, 2018, the Board of Trustees acted on the recommendation of the Strategic Planning Committee to restructure the WTTI into two separate entities: the Windward Teacher Training Program and the Windward Institute.

One of the most important internal responsibilities of the WTTI is the recruitment, training, and retaining of faculty which is fundamental to the health of the School. Windward’s teachers and administrators are the School’s most critical assets, and this year the faculty has grown to 260 members. The School has designed a teacher-training program that is comprehensive, demanding, and extremely effective in closing the knowledge gap between research and teaching practices. Professional training at Windward is an ongoing program that begins before a teacher steps into a classroom and continues as long as a teacher remains on the faculty. The WTTI has been responsible for addressing these needs.

The external activities of the WTTI have also grown to encompass a myriad of outreach programs (courses, seminars, workshops, etc.). The WTTI plays a critical role in fostering communication and collaboration with all Windward’s external constituents including, but not limited to, alumni, institutions of high learning, research centers, and secondary schools that may provide post-Windward placements for our students. The Windward School has established itself as a leader in the field of remediating language-based learning disabilities and has the opportunity to further communicate and partner with leading research and educational institutions to ensure that it retains its position in the marketplace.

In order to effectively address these critical needs, the Board of Trustees has approved the restructuring of the WTTI into two separate divisions within The Windward School. Beginning in 2019-20, the WTTI will become:

·     The Windward School Teacher Training Program (WTTP) which will recruit, hire, train, monitor, mentor, and retain Windward teachers.

·     The Windward Institute (WI) which will focus on and be a resource for both Windward teachers and external constituents (e.g., non-Windward teachers, alumni, parents, and other research and educational institutions).

Over the next year, a detailed plan will be developed to ensure the successful launch of the WTTP and the WI. Periodic updates will be provided.