Fall Community Lecture: Beyond the Buzzwords of Grit and Resilience: The Research Behind Motivation, Performance and Well-being

On Thursday, November 1, 2018, Jon Rosenshine and Danielle Scorrano will be presenting on the topic of grit and resilience.  While this lecture is free and open to the public, registration is required.  Please register here to attend.   

Embodying grit and resilience can profoundly affect how students live purposeful academic and personal lives. The characteristics of grit and resilience are universal human traits, and in recent years they have received much attention in the popular and scientific communities. In this lecture, the presenters will discuss these relevant bodies of research that support the roles of grit and resilience and explain how specific non-cognitive traits can be integrated to support the academic and personal flourishing of students. Educators and parents will learn how to foster academic and personal strengths including intrinsic motivation, positive behaviors, emotional wellbeing, self-control, and executive functioning skills. The presenters will also discuss some of the controversies currently surrounding these important topics. Attendees will gain a research-based framework as well as practical strategies for increasing grit and resilience in all areas of student life.

While the lecture is open to the public, registration is required.  Register here.