Middle School Diversity Curriculum

Through the Middle School curriculum, Windward strives to reinforce the concept of community, while increasing students' understanding of diversity within a pluralistic society. We intentionally teach a comprehensive and representative history of our country and the world since certain perspectives and contributions have traditionally been left out of the historical record.

Schoolwide presentations support the curriculum and provide students with the opportunity to develop their cultural sensitivity and awareness. Melissa Waddy-Thibodeaux provided a captivating recreation of the journey of Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad, bringing to life the accomplishments of a well known figure in African American history. The Windward School community has also welcomed inspirational presenters such as decorated US Disabled Ski Team member Chris Waddell, a paraplegic individual whose goal was to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in a hand cycle. In addition, the Windward Parents Association hosts a yearly presentation entitled Dream Big, in which a speaker shares with the middle school community his or her journey towards success in spite of and sometimes as a result of his or her struggles with dyslexia.

By fostering a climate of respect and appreciation for the many facets of diversity within and beyond the Windward community, The School prepares students to become respectful global citizens.

Middle School Diversity Curriculum By Grade