Lower School Diversity Curriculum

The curriculum in Westchester and Manhattan Lower Schools exposes students to the concept of community by helping students appreciate the interdependency of people and the importance of diversity. The program concentrates on recognizing both differences and similarities.

The fostering of multiculturalism in the lower schools is not restricted solely to the classroom. The lower schools highlight diversity and inclusion of learning differences by maintaining a bulletin board on well-known individuals with learning disabilities in different careers. In addition, community meetings introduce students to social service organizations such as the Westchester Food Bank and the Rwanda Education Assistance Project (REAP). These projects allow the lower school communities to acknowledge the needs both within our community and across the globe.

Topics such as the ones listed below help Windward students in the lower schools develop a working knowledge of what makes a community and what each member can do to empower themselves and their community.

Lower School Diversity Curriculum By Grade