MLS/MMS Student Council Earth Day Plastic Bag and Overwrap Drive

In honor of Earth Day, the Manhattan Student Council is organizing a plastic bag and overwrap drive to benefit The Association of Plastic Recyclers, an organization that works to develop the plastic recycling industry by recycling plastic goods that are ineligible for pick-up through regular curbside recycling programs. From Monday, April 22 through Tuesday, April 30, lower and middle school students may donate plastic bags and overwrap items. Donation bins will be placed in the school lobby. Donation items include: plastic shopping bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, bubble wrap, Ziploc bags, Saran wrap, dry cleaner overwrap, paper towel/toilet paper overwrap, and beverage multi-pack overwrap. Please note: Styrofoam items, candy wrappers, frozen food bags, pet food bags, and hard plastic items, including bottles and containers, are not recyclable through this program.