Lower School serving grades 1 to 4
Lower School serving grades 1 to 4

Welcome to Windward School, an independent, co-ed day school focused exclusively on helping students in grades 1-9 with language-based learning disabilities.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe all children can succeed academically. The key to their success is language competency, which we believe is central to all aspects of academic, social, and emotional growth. Language proficiency means much more than basic reading and writing skills. It is also about understanding and following directions, organizing information, building general knowledge, solving problems, expressing ideas, making friends, assuming responsibility, and assessing social interactions and behaving appropriately.

Windward students are children of average or above average intelligence who have not been able to achieve language competency in traditional classroom settings. At Windward, a specially trained staff and a consistently applied instructional approach help students close the gap between their intellectual potential and academic performance.

Located in White Plains, New York, Windward has two campuses: a Lower School campus for grades 1-4 and a Middle School campus serving grades 5-9. Windward is nationally recognized for developing instructional programs designed specifically to help children achieve language proficiency and is fully accredited by both the State of New York Education Department and the New York State Association of Independent Schools. Our methods are all research-based and we are deeply committed to disseminating our teaching methods to mainstream education. Many teachers from other schools attend classes at Windward's Teacher Training Institute to learn how to implement our techniques.

Middle School campus serving grades 5 to 9
Middle School campus serving grades 5 to 9

In most ways, Windward is like any other independent school:

  • Students participate in a rich variety of extra-curricular activities to build self-confidence and social relationships.
  • We foster an attitude of respect and support among teachers and students.
  • We work alongside parents to promote self-esteem and empower students to advocate for their educational needs.
  • We work to achieve social, racial, and ethnic diversity in our community.

At Windward, students succeed. Most students attend for 2-5 years before returning to mainstream classrooms. In their time at Windward, they come to understand their learning differences and strengths, develop lifelong strategies for overcoming learning difficulties, and experience academic success. Then we help them return to mainstream class settings where they apply Windward learning strategies to continue their academic success.

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